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champagne woven metal

ribbed wood grey oak

bleached walnut

champagne brushed metal

Calacatta macchia vecchia stone

gunmetal brushed 


KITCHEN - Malibu, CA

This beachfront apartment features tall cabinetry in ribbed grey oak framing a champagne woven metal sliding cabinet. The cabinet has bleached walnut shelving on one side and on the other, a breakfast cabinet with black oak tray drawers and horizontal brushed gunmetal fronts. There is a Calacatta macchia vecchia stone top and backsplash illuminated by vertical strip lights.


The woven metal sliding door creates a beautiful play on light - fresh and delicate during the day that can transform into a dramatic evening focal point when illuminated from within.


The island countertop is a slab of Calacatta macchia vecchia marble. At one end there bleached walnut wood block that cleverly slides out diagonally to create an area for counter seating. The island is a striking combination of brushed champagne metal and grey oak cabinetry with bleach walnut. The intersection of the 4 materials creates a stunning architectural detail.


Incredibly modern in silhouette, this kitchen effortlessly combines 6 finishes giving it a playful and eclectic feel.

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