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bronze woven metal

charcoal ribbed wood

charcoal oak

bleached walnut

bleahed walnut chevron

brushed brass

Calacatta Copper marble 

Graphite marble



The centrepiece in this kitchen is an impressive scaled island which features a striking Calacatta Copper marble work surface which extends in length by a flush connection with a block of bleached walnut. Inset into one corner of the island is large expertly crafted Graphite Marble stone sink with sloped draining surface. The seating area is lined with brushed brass.


Offset at the end of the island, a Vitrine which features  bleached walnut chevron and brass frame doors creates a stunning and highly practical focal point.   

The cooking zone features Calacatta Copper stone doors and backsplash, framed by ribbed charcoal grey oak cabinets and accented with bronze woven metal doors.

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