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white wood veneer

Rosso Levanto honed marble

concrete bar pulls with tan leather detail

dark copper woven metal with warm black frame

mirror polished copper doors

bleached walnut chevron 

WET & DRY KITCHEN - Beverly Glen, LA

mix of photography and render (property was not completed at the time of photographing)

This kitchen is divided into spaces - the 'wet' kitchen for heavy cooking is concealed behind the main kitchen. The main kitchen is in part of  an open plan living space with tall white wood veneer with dark copper woven metal doors. The 2 wood centre doors open to reveal a gunmetal and striking Rosso Levanto stone servery. The bar pulls are concrete with tan leather and copper detailing.

The island features mirror polished copper doors and is home to a single burner for the morning espresso.

Opposite is a full glazed cabinet with bleached walnut chevron backing.

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